A Reflection of My First Ever Website

The World Wide Web has become a fascinating place for people to virtually do anything they want, whether it’s connecting with an old friend on Facebook, selling or buying products, or researching a topic, etc. Due to the excessive use of the Internet by everyone, people are using the Internet at a opportunity to fulfill […]

Wikipedia: Easy as π !

As an activity for one of my English classes, my professor asked us to contribute to a Wikipedia page. Although I was aware of the fact that anyone can edit Wikipedia posts, I never thought I would ever actually make a contribution to a Wikipedia page. Perhaps it’s because I didn’t know how to do […]

Blogging: Everyone’s dong it!

Digital literacy skills are becoming increasingly popular to help prepare students for the 21st century marketplace. Blogging is one tool that more and more teachers are embracing in the classroom and using for teaching. For those of you that are unfamiliar with blogging, the video below↓ explains the basics of blogging and how it can be used […]

ATTN Parents: Have you heard about hyperreality?

In our everyday postmodern society, the dominance of technology has created many blurred lines between what is real and what is not. This phenomenon is called Hyperreality. Hyperreality is the inability to differentiate reality from simulated reality and many view this as a problem. Hyperreality in particular, affects this generation’s children because most of their […]