A Reflection of My First Ever Website

The World Wide Web has become a fascinating place for people to virtually do anything they want, whether it’s connecting with an old friend on Facebook, selling or buying products, or researching a topic, etc. Due to the excessive use of the Internet by everyone, people are using the Internet at a opportunity to fulfill all of their desires and interests.

So how did the Internet become a place for people to interact and share their ideas?

Visual rhetoric is an emerging concept that many people are taking advantage of in order to persuade and connect with their targeted audience. According to Bogost, “Helmers and Hill argue that visual rhetoric is particularly essential in the face of globalization and mass media”. Additionally, digital rhetoric has become a part of the every lives of people, allowing a machine or application to host text and images.


As we move more towards a society that is completely reliant on technology and social media, if people want to get their opinion out to the public, it needs to be visually and virtually accessible. Hence, making a website to relay information to a targeted audience seems to be an effective strategy. People make websites everyday in order to raise awareness for a topic, make money, share a passion with a community, or to educate people. No matter what the purpose is, people always have the delivery of their rhetoric in mind.

I decided to create a website for teachers to use as a resource to find the
teacher-who-love-teaching-teach-children-to-love-learningbest tips and tricks for improving their teaching and classroom. The mission of the website is to inspire teachers to improve their classrooms
and become even more passionate about teaching. My hope is that if teachers can express how much they love teaching, children will learn from their teachers and will come to love and become passionate about learning.

When I was planning what content I wanted to include on my website and how I wanted to construct it, I thought about what types of websites attract my attention. I also thought about the types websites I come across when I am researching anything about education and becoming a teacher. Keeping this in mind, I created a visually compelling website with a structure that is easy to navigate.

I included content that provides tips and tricks for classroom management, classroom organization, classroom décor, classroom activities, and more resources.

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 9.23.22 PM

Although the audience I was originally targeting for my website was elementary teachers, a lot of the tips and tricks I posted are relevant for secondary education teachers as well. Since my targeted audience most likely uses a computer to view my website, I didn’t pay too much attention to making my website viewable to my users via smartphones. However, I decided that making my website accessible on the phone would be more convenient and thus, I made it visually accessible on smartphones. Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 9.29.42 PM

Although making this website took a lot of time and energy to plan and create, it was completely worth it because I was able to research and talk about my passion of teaching and help prepare myself to become a teacher. I also enjoyed creating this website because it tested my patience and drive to create something for an audience. If I were to create this website all over again, I might include a few polls or quizzes to make my website more interactive. Overall, I am very pleased with the final product and I look forward to showing it to people.

Check out my website here!



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