Creating a Website for Future/New Teachers!

For my final project in one of my classes, I’ve decided to create a website using Wix. This website is targeted for future teachers or new teachers to use as a resource to help them get ideas for their classroom.

The website will include ideas for class activities, resources, and tips for teaching!

I am creating this website to share what I have learned in college about becoming the best teacher.

Why is this important?

It’s extremely important for future teachers and new teachers to have access to information that will help them gain more ideas for their classroom which in turn, boosts their confidence as a teacher.

Teachers possess a great power to influence students and I believe they can impact students to change the world.

So, what will be included in my website?

I will include a list of activities that can be used for teachers. The grade that this activity can be used for will also be specified. Here is a short list of what I will include:

  • Multigenre Project (Grades 3-6)
  • Interactive Read Alouds (Grades K-4)
  • Blogging (Grades 4-6)

Teachers also have to have many resources for their teaching. Although schools often provide numerous resources, sometimes teachers have to find other resources during their spare time. I will also include various resources that teachers can access online. These resources may include:


Finally, I will include tips for teaching. I may include tips that I have learned from my teachers, as well as tips that I have learned from researching online. These are two videos that I will include on my website:


I will be spending the next few weeks creating this website. Please stay tuned as I will be sure to post the link to the website when it’s done!

Thanks everyone! 🙂


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